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Harlem Is Where You Go To Lick The Spoon!

There is nowhere else in New York that captures the true flavor of the city’s many different ethnicities and cultures as Harlem. 

Harlem has a very rich history and a lot of that history can be experienced by visiting the many restaurants and eateries flourishing north of 96th street. Originally the home of the Wecksquaesgek Indians, The Dutch settled in and renamed the area Neeuw Haarlem after a city in Holland. Throughout the 1800’s, the area became home to successive waves of immigrant populations from Irish, German, Italian and Jewish backgrounds. 

Although black residents have been present continually since the early 1600’s, it was the mass migration of African Americans into Harlem beginning in 1904 that led up to the Harlem Renaissance. With the influx of Puerto Rican and West Indian immigrants the area known as Spanish Harlem came to be by 1940.  In the modern era you see the West African Influence and now due to gentrification an increasing Caucasian population.

With all of these cultural influences, Harlem Cuisine is as varied as the streets of Harlem itself.  Whether you are looking for traditional soul food, an African fusion experience, aggressively spiced Caribbean or Hispanic fare or something in between, Harlem has it all and welcomes you to partake.


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