• history of harlem

    Harlem, often dubbed the Mecca of black culture, has history bursting out of every brownstone. So many people, places, and events that sparked global conversations and movements came from this neighborhood in NYC.

    From writers and philosophers to jazz artists and civil rights leaders, Harlem is a place that is never imitated with a community that is often underestimated.

    Let’s take a look at some of the events and people that made Harlem famous.

    The Great Migration

    In 1914, World War I began in Europe, and the northern United States saw a shortage of industrial laborers. To fix this, they

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  • harlems of the world

    Harlem is a place full of potential and soul that has seen its share of struggles. Do you live in a Harlem of the World? Somewhere that has rich history and diversity – a place you are trying to speak to or reach with your business or podcast?

    Harlems of the world are special, and connected to one another.

    A Harlem of the world has a great sense of black history. And as such, it has a rich and diverse cultural identity. This identity is something you can harness and leverage as a black entrepreneur or podcast host. Just as

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