The Foxworth Theory with Eugenia Foxworth S1E13 – Manny Davis

by Eugenia Foxworth

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December 15, 2021
Hosted By: Eugenia Foxworth

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Manny Davis is the son of the late Sammy Davis Jr. and was awarded the rights to most of his creative output, including his recordings and life story, after a court upheld the legality of a will that was created via online law center, the company announced Thursday afternoon. After his mother, Altovise Davis, died and willed the intellectual property to son Manny, Los Angeles County Probate Judge Reva Goetz upheld the legal document. “I think that full weight should be given to the document as an expression of Mrs. Davis’s intent with regard to her estate and what she wanted to happen to it,” Goetz stated. Sammy Davis, Jr. died from cancer in 1990 and left almost everything to his wife. It was alleged in court, however, that she was deceived by two business partners who gained some control of the estate. After accusing the pair of defrauding her in 2008, she used to leave the estate to only son Manny.


Eugenia Foxworth sits down with the legendary Sammy Davis Jr’s son, Manny Davis. Manny talks about childhood and being adopted by Sammy and Altovise Davis, his serving in the army, his relationship with his father. How he met Altovise and his move to live with a new family after being abused as child. He also talks about the good days and the not so good days after the passing of his mother and father and how he is now in charge of the estate. He recently had a birthday and is still working on projects that will keep the legacy of Sammy Davis alive.

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