The Foxworth Theory with Eugenia Foxworth S1E3 – Tamil Robinson

by Eugenia Foxworth

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October 6, 2021
Hosted By: Eugenia Foxworth

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The beginnings were benign enough, a youth born of talent, a visionary, and artistic insight that from a close knit family with roots that extended beyond the inner city community were the origins that shaped the structure of Artistic Fashion Designer, Tamil Robinson.

Newark,NJ served as a balance backdrop of urban blight and beauty, of decay and re-birth, of struggle. The Robinson household was the oasis that made balancing these realities into an aesthetic panoply for the innate talent of Tamil Robinson that surfaced at a very young age.

A formal classical education of the fine visual arts took place at the prestigious Arts High School in Newark,New Jersey where Tamil forged his knowledge of free-hand sketching and painting capabilities. This newly realized persona was aided and abetted by a generation of mentors, and a master pattern maker, who took Tamil under his tutelage in life and in the discipline and understanding of the aesthetics of fashion. Time, Tamil and Tapestry became the way of the world for Tamil. His understanding of the all-pervasive, all-powerful urban cultural dynamic balanced against a worldly, instinctive reach for the greater picture of the world in which he lived, fused together to form out his destiny as a man.

The rest of his journeys from master air-brush artist with street-art to his ascension to sports license apparel for companies like Puma, NFL , to primary designer for Reebok ushering in the Allen Iverson I-3 NBA collection, and consulting companies in celebrity licensing , traveling abroad to other countries fabric mills developing his original textiles patterns.

A True Artist at heart, Tamil is focused and loyal to the way of the working aesthetic conceptualization in design for textiles, fashion, accessories, and home décor that is the very essence of a complete brand in Tamil Robinson.

Today, Tamil has evolved the TAMIL ROBINSON GROUP, a division of A&T Global, LLC into a full service that is vertically integrated, with strategic alliances, currently specializing in the design, sourcing, production, and exporting a broad range of apparel and accessories to various worldwide markets with time building and cultivating the perfecting of his business of fashion along with the talent as an independent contractor, designing profitable lines for major apparel companies in the industry. In addition to designing for private and public licensing companies, footwear, accessories, interior home furnishings and textiles while in association with some of the fashion industries top executives, some of which have over thirty five years of experience with leadership ability, along with major marketing, sourcing, merchandising, and relationships with all the nationwide department stores/ and specialty chains. These top executives that are affiliated with the TAMIL ROBINSON GROUP will strengthen and cultivate significant opportunities to have Tamil’s talents featured on a global scale utilizing invaluable relationships throughout the fashion industry. In addition, this brings professional managerial fashion experience, including but not limited to financing, credit evaluation, importing, logistics and multiple licensing capabilities, which range from celebrity to commodities.


Eugenia Foxworth sits down with fashion designer, Tamil Robinson, to talk about his love for fashion. Tamil Robinson is a visionary artist that came from a close knit family who lived in Newark, N.J. Tamil is focused and he has an eye for Art and Fashion. His style is one of a kind. His leather designs are tailor made with the finest detail in the fashion industry. Please get to know, fashion designer, Tamil Robinson.

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