Black Podcasters and Radio Personalities

by G.Keith Alexander

black podcasters and radio personalities

The idea of amplifying black voices is not a new concept. In fact, the “golden age of black radio” dates back to before the 1920s (check out part 1 and part 2 of this history series).

So we’ve compiled some great resources and lists of black radio personalities and podcasters who can entertain and inspire you.

Black Radio Personalities

Top 20 Black Radio Jockeys of All Time – This article is a great list that spans the entire history of black radio.

Digital and Radio Facts 10 Best Black Vintage Radio DJs – this list is based on a poll that Radio Facts ran to get a fan-chosen top 10 best vintage radio djs. Many winners came from the New York scene.

New Members Inducted into the National Black Radio Hall of Fame – The National Black Radio Hall of Fame is “a nonprofit organization established to provide a place where people of all ages are able to learn about the history and achievements of Black Radio Nationally.”

Black Podcasts & Podcasters

Best Black Talk Radio Podcasts – This list includes podcasts of all types and topics that are hosted by black creators and businesspeople.

8 Podcasts to Better Understand the Black Experience – This list was created to provide insight into the specific experiences that the black population encounters.

Honoring Black History Month by Spotlighting Black Creators and Culture – This list was created by Spotify in honor of Black History Month.

G. Keith Alexander and HarlemAmerica

G. Keith Alexander has been an authentic New York City icon built on over thirty years of radio and television broadcasting excellence. His voice has reached millions of fans, and he continues to advocate for Harlem and fellow black entrepreneurs. 

What’s Hot! HarlemAmerica with G. Keith Alexander is the crossroads where culture, lifestyle, and community meet. And it’s the first podcast to be hosted by the HarlemAmerica Digital Network.

Are you a black business owner looking for some help starting your first podcast? HarlemAmerica can help.

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