Black-Owned Harlem

by A Collier
black-owned harlem

Black-Owned Harlem

Harlem has often been called the Mecca of Black Culture for its long and storied history. So let’s take a closer look at Black-owned Harlem.

black-owned harlem

Harlem has often been called the Mecca of Black Culture for its long and storied history. So let’s take a closer look at Black-owned Harlem.

Black-Owned Harlem: Businesses in the Neighborhood

The Curious Uptowner put together an amazing “starter” list of more than 60 Black-owned businesses in Harlem, from restaurants and cafes to bars and unique shops.

The echoes of the Harlem Renaissance can still be felt in the progressive, vibrant mix of hip hop culture, artistry, and grit that’s found in the business owners of this historic neighborhood.

Resources for Finding Black and Minority-Owned Businesses in Harlem

To help you start your journey toward supporting more Black and minority entrepreneurs, here’s a list of great resources for finding these businesses in the Harlem and surrounding area:

The Infatuation has a great list of 200+ Black-Owned Restaurants Across NYC (which includes the iconic Sylvia’s).

HarlemAmerica has 3 Tips for Fostering & Supporting Black Businesses.

Finding Black-Owned Businesses in Your Community & Online

Not a Harlem or Manhattan resident? We’ve collected some great resources for finding and supporting Black businesses wherever you shop.

Refinery 29 curated this list of apps and websites to help you find Black-owned businesses to support near you.

There are also tons of great online directories and resources within global retailers that can help you filter for Black-owned businesses. Etsy has a section where they feature Black-owned shops. Yelp can filter search results to feature popular and geographically relevant Black-owned businesses. And even entertainment and streaming giants like Hulu have a section dedicated to celebrating Black stories.

Another way to support Black-owned businesses is to participate in events and initiatives that highlight these entrepreneurs. For example, Orange County, Florida recently held a scavenger hunt to help dozens of Black-owned businesses in Central Florida in observance of Juneteenth. Participating in activist groups and following Black or minority-led social media pages is another great way to stay informed and support your minority community members.

The New Roaring 20s: Helping Harlem’s Black Entrepreneurs

2020 started with a bang – and not a good one. From the coronavirus pandemic to the murder of George Floyd, Black communities all over the USA are struggling to recover. That’s one of the reasons why we need Black voices now more than ever.

Minority-owned businesses have been hit hardest by the effects of COVID-19. Though minorities make up a healthy 32% of the United States’ population, minority business ownership sits at 18%, according to the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

But Black- and minority-owned businesses are a vital part of their community. According to a study by McKinsey & Company, 40% of minority-owned small businesses added new services to support their communities and employees, compared with only 27% of non-minority business owners.

Harlem, like many other communities, has a deep history and is full of amazing people looking to lift each other up. Check out the resources above and take a minute to pick out and support black businesses in the neighborhood.

Black Entrepreneurship Is On the Rise

Black entrepreneurs are finding more support and opportunities today than ever before. And HarlemAmerica wants to be a source for that support.

If you are a Black entrepreneur with an idea for a TV show or podcast, partner with HarlemAmerica Digital Network. Our team of professional producers can help you take your business to the next level.

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Neil Shear January 24, 2022 - 5:05 pm

We are opening an office in Harlem with my good friend Dr. Greg McCants, founder of the New York City Boys Choir and lifelong resident in Harlem. Our goal is to bring 21st-century affordable marketing technology to Black and Hispanic-owned businesses in Harlem and around NYC. We are opening our NYC office inside ResurrectionWe have had tremendous success in helping restaurants reach their goals.

Dr, McCants is available to stop by your place if you would like to have a short conversation.



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