What’s Hot! HarlemAmerica with G. Keith Alexander S1E11 – Vy Higginsen

by G.Keith Alexander
HarlemAmerica Vy_Higginsen


Vy Higginsen, radio/TV personality and playwright joins G. Keith

November 20, 2020
Hosted By: G.Keith Alexander

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HarlemAmerica Vy_Higginsen


In 1983, Vy co-wrote, produced and directed the classic black Gospel musical, Mama I Want To Sing!, which ran for eight years and 2,200 performances at the Off-Broadway Heckscher Theater in East Harlem. In March 1986, Mama began a national tour of the USA, playing two consecutive years throughout major cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles/San Francisco, Philadelphia and Washington.? Tours include Austria, Japan, Germany, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, and London. In March 1988, Vy co-produced Joe Turner’s Come and Gone by August Wilson on Broadway. In 2002, Vy was ordained as an Interfaith Minister. Led by her passion for the sounds and music she grew up hearing, Vy conceived and created Alive! which documents the sounds, music, and stories of our black American musical landscape. Vy continues to write and produce original work as the executive director of the acclaimed Mama Foundation for the Arts in Harlem, New York.


Vy Higginsen, noted author, playwright, radio and TV personality, has garnered an excellent reputation and won many awards for providing excellent classic black Gospel musicals to African-American audiences. After a decade of being behind the microphone as the first woman in New York primetime radio on major New York stations (WBLS-FM, WWRL-AM, WRKS-FM), Vy published and edited Unique NY, a lifestyles magazine designed for African-Americans and tourists. What’s Hot! HarlemAmerica with G. Keith Alexander is the crossroads where culture, lifestyle, and community meet. Legendary New York radio/TV personality, G. Keith Alexander will tap into the who’s who in Entertainment, Empowerment, and Health & Wellness to bring you exciting and unparalleled content. The G. Keith Alexander brand is that of an authentic New York City icon built on over thirty years of radio and TV.

Mama, I Want To Sing

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