Inspiration & Resources for Aspiring Black Podcasters

by A Collier
inspiration for black podcasters

Inspiration & Resources for Aspiring Black Podcasters

Just like Harlem became a mecca for Black culture through years of innovation, creativity, and strength, people of color are becoming more recognized for their achievements in all industries.

inspiration for black podcasters

Just like Harlem became a mecca for Black culture through years of innovation, creativity, and strength, people of color are becoming more recognized for their achievements in all industries.

“You don’t have to make, you know, $3 million a movie, or $20 million a movie, but if you make a living doing what you love doing, then that’s a success to me.” – Ving Rhames

Just like Harlem became a mecca for Black culture through years of innovation, creativity, and strength, people of color are becoming more and more recognized for their astounding achievements in all industries. The progress is slow, but it’s building. And who wouldn’t want to be a part of this incredible movement?

If you are a Black entrepreneur or entertainer looking to break into the podcasting world, we’ve got some helpful and inspiring resources for you.

Inspiring Podcasts from Black Creators

The best way to boost Black businesses and entrepreneurs is to create a community and listen to the things people are saying within it. Take a look at these great podcasts by Black creators. You might find some much-needed inspiration to start your next big thing within these voices.

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint – This podcast is all about learning from Black entrepreneurs, their success, and their failures: “These noted Black entrepreneurs such as Dr. Dennis Kimbro; author of the million-selling book ‘Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice,’ and Mr. George Fraser of give you an inside look at what it takes to start a successful business. These interviews will not only inspire you, but will also educate you to help you launch, build, and grow your successful business.” This is a perfect starting place for aspiring black creators.

Side Hustle Pro – This podcast is perfect for aspiring creators who are majoring in entrepreneurship or trying to mold their talents or hobbies into a legitimate business. The content in this podcast focuses specifically on successful Black female entrepreneurs who have created large, profitable businesses. This might be the perfect inspiration to spur you onto great things if you are young and hungry for success.

The Minority Trailblazer – This is a podcast for students and professionals who are interested in education, business, and entrepreneurship. The topics discussed on this podcast range from things like how to grow a successful business to navigating racism at work and bouncing back from trauma and other unfortunate circumstances.

Not seeing something here? Check out Feedspot’s list of the Top 50 Black Entrepreneur Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021 or Black Boss’s list of 20 Dope Black Entrepreneur Podcasts for more inspiration. 

Research Your Ideas

Once you’ve been inspired by all the amazing and talented black entrepreneurs and their podcasts, you should start doing some research. Are there creators (especially black creators) who already have podcasts with similar topics to those you want to talk about in yours? Take a good look at their episodes, websites, and social media. What are some elements you think you could tailor to fit your needs? Where are these current podcasts falling short?

Once you’ve got a good idea of the podcast space you want to be in, you’ll need to start planning for your own podcast – check out the Pan African Alliance’s Ultimate Guide to Starting a Black Podcast That People Will Actually Listen To. There’s a ton of helpful tips ranging from topics like how to pick the best microphone and templates for choosing great topics and outlining episodes.

Start Brainstorming Episodes

One of the coolest things about podcasting is that there are very few rules you have to follow. You can create a fictional or story-based podcast that runs for 20-30 minutes once a week, or you can feature 2-hour in-depth interviews from experts in your field, inspiring people you want to learn from, or even strangers.

Most podcasts start out with a single premise first – talking to people about mental health, or discussing news or pop culture with a funny or professional delivery style, for example.

And as your expertise grows, your show can evolve with you to incorporate all the things you care about most.

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