Creating Global Content

by A Collier
creating global content

Creating Global Content

The market for content keeps growing and is expanding within the US as well as internationally. We wanted to share some great tips for creating global content.

creating global content

The market for content keeps growing and is expanding within the US as well as internationally. We wanted to share some great tips for creating global content.

Branded podcasts are a great way to generate buzz and engagement with your business. The market for podcasts keeps growing and is expanding within the US as well as internationally. We wanted to share some great tips for creating global content.

What Is Global Content?

The need to create a content strategy stems from the need to create quality content that can organically introduce your products and services to a new market or audience. You can begin creating good content by familiarizing yourself with the wants, needs, and habits of your potential buyers.

But what happens if you want to reach an audience that is geographically or demographically diverse?

That’s where global content can help. Global content is created to capture a wider market share. The internet is (almost) everywhere – every day, people from hundreds of countries are communicating and connecting with each other through social media while discussing shared hobbies, interests, or experiences. If you can create content that is entertaining or engaging for people in Harlem and in Spain, Japan, and Morocco, you can also market your brand through these new channels and connections.

Follow The 4 P’s

When it comes to creating content (global or otherwise), you’re going to need help from the 4 P’s – Plan, Produce, Promote, and Perfect.

The first step is your plan. If consuming your content feels like a conversation with an old friend, or answers questions you didn’t know how to ask, it’s well-planned content. Researching your audience’s behaviors, preferences, and even their problems is a great way to start planning your global content.

Step two is to produce that content. This could be creating social media posts, stories, polls, or videos, or it could look more like the production of a podcast episode or TV show. Your planning will help guide you to the correct platforms to create within.

Promotion is a key element in this mix. How many times have you heard executives or other entrepreneurs air their frustrations that the latest ad campaign or social media post was brilliant, but it didn’t get the engagement or lead generation you were hoping for. Promotion is no longer about monopolizing the airwaves or commercial spots – There are too many big fish vying for the attention of the same customers. Targeted promotion gets your message to the people who need to hear it most.

And the final component of the 4 P’s is to perfect your approach. Your audience has never been more able to interact closely with their favorite brands than they are now. As you create content, you have near-instant access into the minds of those who are consuming it. Your audience can tell you what they liked and didn’t like and are often willing to offer suggestions for what future rounds of content should include or exclude.

Define Your Goal(s)

Creating content just to populate web pages and podcast playlists isn’t a good enough reason to delve into the world of global content. You should first be able to answer some questions that can help define your goals for this branded content.

Do you want to increase your sales by a certain percentage? Drive traffic to your website or to specific products and/or services? Do you want to provide a free educational resource for your industry? Do you want to create content that speaks to the personality of your brand?

All of these are valid goals that can help you create great content.

Global Doesn’t Mean One-Size-Fits-All

Books, radio, TV, film, social media – all of these media types are reaching people all over the world. But that doesn’t mean you can just plug your content into a translator and call it a day. You have to tailor your global content to different sections of your international audience.

Think of it like this: everyone from Harlem is from New York City, but not everyone from New York City is from Harlem. We have a lot of diverse communities – and with that come diverse experiences. The cultures and habits of communities (both geographic and virtual) are full of nuance and different ideas. Your content needs to address those differences as you expand your audience.

Leading with authenticity is more important than leading with creativity when it comes to creating global content. After all, what rhymes in English will probably not rhyme when translated to German or Portuguese.

Global content also should not be confused with “applies to everyone.” You’ll still have to find your niche in a global market, but that niche will look a bit different when you are creating content for consumption on multiple continents.

Introduce Your Brand to the World

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