Why Your Business Needs a Podcast

by A Collier
business needs a podcast

Why Your Business Needs a Podcast

People love podcast content, and your business could create it. Here’s why your business needs a podcast.

business needs a podcast

People love podcast content, and your business could create it. Here’s why your business needs a podcast.

By the end of 2021, the number of monthly podcast listeners will have increased by more than 10% year over year, bringing the number to nearly 120 million. That audience is constantly searching for and listening to new content, and your business can be one that provides that content, branded to your business objectives. Here’s why your business needs a podcast.

The Benefits are Clear

There are tons of benefits to creating a podcast for your business. It’s easy and low-cost, you can create longer content that speaks to more than just your products and services.

Podcasting is slightly more difficult than creating a blog presence, but it’s easier than video and shares many of the same elements that add value for your audience.

The huge increase in podcast consumption is one of the biggest benefits. Unlike social media, which is hugely effective when you can position your content at the right time and virtual place for your potential customers to see it, podcasts have a bit more longevity and can be positioned as evergreen (always relevant) which can be a lead magnet month after month as people search organically for content that you’ve covered during your podcast. And in a world of endless information, everyone wants to know the tips and tricks of your industry – whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, or entertainer.

Position Yourself as an Expert

You have years, possibly decades of experience in your business industry, you wouldn’t have become an entrepreneur if you didn’t. A podcast is a great way to share that experience in a deep and meaningful way with your audience.

Podcasts can be short or long, you can dedicate different episodes to industry how-tos, insights, and even stories.

The dynamic nature of a podcast means you can appeal to the emotions and logic of your followers while positioning yourself as an expert.

Podcasts Get High Engagement

Podcasts are easy to consume, in the same way social media is, but they have a higher engagement rate. Podcast listeners are more likely to listen to episodes all the way through, which means any advertisements and insights you share from your business will be heard. And 75% of podcast listeners actually take action after listening to commercial messages within them.

Podcast Guests Mean Networking Opportunities

Your business grows through several different channels and strategic efforts. And podcasting provides the perfect win-win opportunity for networking in the form of guest appearances. Guests can lend credibility to your business and podcasts, and it provides them a new platform to promote their own business initiatives.

Podcasts Can Be Broken Down into Other Assets

Do you need demo reels or other forms of short content? You can use the content to create smaller teasers and other assets to then share on social media or on your websites. Even a short, 30-minute podcast will have tons of opportunities for 30-second sound bites and quotes. You can use the audio to create dynamic content or create quote graphics for easy social media sharing. The possibilities are endless.

Let’s Start Working on Your First Episode

If you are a busy professional looking to break into the world of podcasting, HarlemAmerica is made for you.

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