What’s Hot! HarlemAmerica with G. Keith Alexander S3E13 – Ron Canada

by G.Keith Alexander


The Versatile Legacy of Stage, Film and TV actor Ron Canada

September 1, 2023
Hosted By: G.Keith Alexander

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Ron Canada’s acting career spans more than 40 years of work in Theatre, Film and Television. His most recent films include Ted 2, The Discovery (w/ Robert Redford, 2017 Sundance Film Festival), The Empty Man, Crown Heights, and Bully. He received the Dallas Film Critics Award for Lone Star (dir: John Sayles) and has performed in notable films such as The Human Stain, The Hunted, The United States of Leland, Man of the House, Above Suspicion and The Last of the Finest. Other memorable performances in many of the country’s most popular films include Adventures in Babysitting, Home Alone 2, National Treasure, An American President, and Cinderella Man, among others. Television audiences are familiar with his recent performances in East New York, The Best Man: The Final Chapters, Law & Order: SVU, The Equalizer, Jack Ryan, The Orville, Seven Seconds, House of Cards, Designated Survivor, The Good Fight, The Affair, Madam Secretary, Blue Bloods, and The Strain. Television audiences have appreciated the wide range and variety of recurring and guest starring roles he has done over the years in everything from Star Trek (The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager), The West Wing, Weeds, NYPD Blue, Boston Legal, The Shield, Murder One, One on One, City of Angels, Law & Order, X-Files, Cheers, Frasier, and Murphy Brown, just to name few. Ron’s career began in the Theatre and he returns to the stage whenever he can, as an actor, a director, and a producer.


Ron Canada: The Versatile Star and an industry veteran with 40+ years of experience, has appeared in blockbusters like “Ted 2” and “The Discovery,” alongside celebrated actor Robert Redford. From “Adventures in Babysitting” to “National Treasure,” his iconic film roles leave a lasting impact. TV viewers know him from standout performances in shows like “East New York,” “Law & Order: SVU,” “House of Cards,” and “Blue Bloods.” Don’t miss his captivating visit to HarlemAmerica.


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